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Welcome to Avalon Visions
Avalon Visions was established July 2,1993. This year, we were very blessed to have celebrated our 24 year anniversary in Capitola Village, located by the beautiful Monterey Bay of California. But…now it’s time to move! This year, Beginning in August, 2017…look for us at our new location will be 2815 Porter Avenue, in Soquel! In addition to all that we currently provide, the new location will offer: Private readings Private healings Classes, Events, Talks All with plenty of great free parking! Enjoy your journey into mystical worlds...

Avalon Visions was established July 2,1993. We are very blessed to have celebrated our 22 year anniversary in Capitola Village, located by the beautiful Monterey Bay of California.

In July 2005, Avalon Visions was sold. For about a year and a half, the store went through a transitional phase. In May of 2007, the shop was sold again to Thomas and Gwen Zia. With wonderful insight graciously offered from the creator of Avalon Visions, Cheryl Ban, the shop is as vibrant as ever.

In March of 2014, Avalon Visions expanded into what had, for 15 years, been Havana Village, a small locally operated cigar store. Instead of purchasing cigars, and other tobacco related items, patrons can now experience the healing energies that Avalon Visions has always been known for. The annexed area is now home to our readers and healers. It also is home for our aura camera. Our classes and workshops are also held in our freshly painted and welcoming annexed area.

Being close to the ocean is a very spiritual experience. The water element that the Pacific Ocean provides enhances sensitivity, and encourages peacefulness, relaxation and a deep connection to nature. Avalon Visions continues its dedication to bringing forth ancient arts that once flourished and receded into the mists, or out of our consciousness. Avalon Visions is a place where new visions are dreamed and reality is bordered only by the limits of imagination.

Avalon Visions is the place where the veils are thin between the worlds, and where the mysteries are studied, explored and experienced.

Avalon Visions is an experience of the magical

  • Wander amongst the handpicked selection of books
  • Listen to music from Celtic to chants
  • Card racks full of artist images to choose from
  • Feast on our Exquisite Jewelry Collection, cases full of symbolic jewelry, jewelry with beautiful stones and some pieces just for fun
  • Featuring local artists

Our customers can now enjoy shopping at Avalon Visions on-line.

shop now buttonBeginning in December 2015, Avalon Visions officially has launched our on-line shop. Now you can enjoy shopping at Avalon Visions from the comfort of your living room. If you can't make it into our shop, you can now browse through hundreds of items on line. Although some of what is available in our brick and mortar shop will not be available on-line, many more wonderful products are now available through our site.

Capitola Village's Celtic Sanctuary

208 Monterey Ave. Capitola Village, CA 95010
One block from the beach
(831) 46-GRAIL (464-7245) • Open Daily

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